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Vince Carter Returns

Inside the Purple Room 2013-14 GM41: The Raptors dug themselves a whole early something they have been notoriously doing of late but managed to dig out of it. Make this the 5th largest comeback from behind win. Of course margin they were trailing by was as much as 21 in the first quarter. Kyle Lowry was a significant factor despite feeling under the weather he created opportunities in transition with his normal a charge a game. He continues to lead the NBA in charges. DeMar DeRozan the new franchise post game had a little love tap moment with the former franchise Vince Carter after he posted up a career high 40 points. There were only three time previously he matched his career high of 40 points. When the Mavs were on the ropes not having Dirk in the lineup definitely hammered their aggressive edge. They have played 18 games in 21 days and fatigue was a factor that set in later. Jonas Valanciunas recorded his 13th double-double of the season which is a Raptor season high this season. Vasquez was the man leading the way in the second half for the Raptors and he was on point draining three and extending the Raptors lead. Up next the Raptors is a date with the city of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. Despite the Sixers being near the bottom of the totem pole, Evan Turner did have a career best night notching 34 points in a road win vs. New York Knicks.

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