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Toronto Raptors Comeback to Win in Overtime

Inside the Purple Room GM 24 2013-14 Presents: The comeback… I was helping cut the game at TSN and it was a slow night up until the end of the 3rd quarter. From a game most fans thought was going to become a blowout quick well, they were in for a quite a treat. The Raptors picked up the defense, drew contact on the offensive end and played spirited 5 on 5 basketball. Jose Calderon who seems happy in his new role with the Mavs managed to drop a uncanny 7-10 form beyond the arc against his former squad. While the half-man half-amazing no more Vince Carter was a dismal 0-1 from the field. His veteran leadership looks to be playing dividends as he was in the hear of Crowder all night long. The Raptors buckled down and played some poised basketball. NOTE: Amir Johnson’s numbers in his last seven games have been exceptional as he is averaging 18.6 points 69% from the field and 9.6 rebounds.

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