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The Demise of the Toronto Raptors

Everyone can ease off a little on the panic button and breathe a sigh of relief as Jason Kidd and his 3-10 Brooklyn Nets improved to 4-10 on this young season. Yes, they snapped a 5-game losing streak against the Toronto Raptors. Dare I say it was fitting to have happened against the Toronto Raptors. Let’s be frank the hot hands last night were DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry. Despite the Raptors switching their coverages in the final 10 secs the best option for Rudy Gay wasn’t to kick it to Amir Johnson in the corner for the three. It goes back to close game situations the Raptors should have been able to execute. Let’s pool this game in the same category as the Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Bobcats and even the Portland Trailblazers game. When you look back in April these were games that were the Raptors for the taking.

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