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Inside the Purple Room Episode 5: Newest Toronto Raptor Austin Daye

Austin Daye

It was just announced yesterday that Austin Daye was signed to a low contract 2 year 2 million dollar deal with the Toronto Raptors. A one-time starter will be backing up DJ Augustin during the upcoming 2013-14 NBA season.

What struck me the most about Austin Daye after he heard that he was a Toronto Raptor was taking to twitter and asking the twitterverse to edit a photo of him in a Raptors uniform. His social media skills showed his excitement for becoming a Toronto Raptors. And if we know fans in the city of Toronto we know how passionate they are about their sports teams.

Let’s not forget how humbling it is for Austin Daye to tweet out his excitement in French as well, “Je suis tres heureux de jouer pour la grande ville de Toronto,” @Adaye5.

Sure, Austin Daye won’t be the best defender on the team. But he will stretch out the defense and be a vital piece to the depth of this Toronto Raptors team. He will be a great fixture and maybe even a fan favourite ready for a new opportunity with this team.

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