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2012 Olympics: Take Me Back to the Glory Days

I admit every four years I look forward to watching the Olympics. It is definitely a family moment around my household. We gather together to witness not just Canada’s entrance but India’s and Uganda’s too.

To know how much time my family invests watching the Olympics I have to take you back to the 1992 games which were held in Barcelona. We had all gone out to a family gathering and back in those days we used the VCR to tape the opening ceremonies. When we came back to watch it weeks later someone had recorded over it. Oh boy was I in trouble. I am assuming it was I who had recorded over it.

I was roughly eight years old and a huge Chicago Bulls fan who loved the “Dream Team” destroying every opponent they faced. My understanding of basketball was developing at that time but I just couldn’t help but be in awe of how dominate these athletes were.

I’m telling you that wasn’t all. I always envisioned myself becoming not just a world class basketball star who was 6 feet tall towering over those young ones; but unfortunately the opposite occurred. Yet, my dream was to complete in the 100M dash too.

I guess my love and passion for the 100M came from those most famous numbers 9.84 seconds and a man they once called the fastest man in the world Donavan Bailey. It was pin drop silence in my household when the athletes got out of the block. I was literally on the edge of my seat and I couldn’t believe how slow 9.84 seconds felt. Once Donavan Bailey crossed the finish line my family room erupted in cheers. We were jumping up and down and had our fists up in the air declaring to the world Canada was number one in the most revered sport in the Olympics.

From then on in I would try to emulate the fastest man in my elementary school track meets. Yet I would take ions to get to finish line. Let’s just say my Olympic dream of acquiring gold, were dashed in an instant.

So, I might not be qualifying for gold anytime soon; but that doesn’t stop me from being a big time Olympics fan. There are some important sports and names I will be looking out for beginning with: Michael Phelps in pool looking for three more gold medals to become the most storied American Olympian. Of course Usain Bolt hoping to defend his gold in the 100M and 200M. Those divers always have some tricks up their sleeves along with the Chinese weightlifting. All I have got to say is the women in the weightlifting competition should fear the Chinese. I am just hoping that the Canadians surpass their medal count of 18 they achieved at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Here is to enjoying the rich history of Great Britain and having Brian Williams back on the television airwaves even if it is only for two weeks because he defines the Olympics to me. Here is to me one day achieving that dream of attending the Olympics not as a spectator but part of the wonderful media world.

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27. Jul, 2012